Prepping Your Soil For Sod Installation

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When it comes to creating curb appeal, few things can have as dramatic an impact as a lush lawn. If you want access to green grass without having to invest time in waiting for grass seeds to grow, then investing in sod can be a beneficial alternative. The future quality of your sod depends largely on the soil in your yard. Taking the time to properly prepare your soil is essential when it comes to ensuring that your lawn will look nice as it takes root.

Here are three tips you can use to ensure your soil is prepared to support a sod installation.

1. Get the grade right.

One of the most important soil preparation steps that you can take prior to sod installation is ensuring that the grade of your property is correct. You want your lawn to slop gently away from your home so that water will not pool near your home's foundation. You also want to ensure that your lawn doesn't have high or low spots.

Evaluate the existing grade, and determine if you need to order some fill dirt to even out your lawn before your sod arrives. Having the right grade before you lay your sod will prevent you from having to rip up grass to correct drainage problems in the future.

2. Loosen the soil.

Taking the time to till your soil before you lay your sod can make it easier for the sod to take root on your property. If you live in an area with a high clay content, this step is especially critical when it comes to ensuring the quality of your future lawn.

If the roots of the sod cannot penetrate your soil, you run the risk of having sections of your newly-laid lawn die. Be sure to use a tiller to loosen the soil so that your sod can take root as quickly as possible after installation.

3. Fertilize the soil.

In order for grass to grow properly, it needs access to the correct balance of nutrients. Soil that has been bare for a long period of time may not have the right chemistry to support your new sod.

Once the tilling process is complete, you can add a fertilizer to the soil before installing your sod. This will ensure that your new grass can take root in a healthy and chemically-stable environment.

Sod can provide you with instant access to a lush, green lawn. Ensure that your new sod remains aesthetically pleasing by taking the time to properly prepare your soil for sod installation. For more information, contact local professionals like B & B Hoffman Sod Farms.