Make Use Of Your Wood Chips With These Methods

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If you own a large property covered with trees and find that you're constantly renting a wood chipper to deal with dead branches, it can be beneficial to think about buying one of these machines. Not only can doing so be a cost-effective choice in the long run, but it will also save you the hassle of constantly visiting your local rental center, filling out paperwork and towing the chipper home. Any time you find yourself chipping wood prolifically, one of the challenges that you'll face is disposing of the chips. The last thing you want to do is load them into your garbage, but the reality is that you often need to get creative to find uses to keep your ever-growing chip pile under control. Here are some ideas.

Distribute Them Through Your Vegetable Garden

A simple way to use your homemade wood chips is to distribute them throughout your vegetable garden. Doing so can serve multiple purposes. If you're not a fan of weeding, a thick layer of wood chips can suppress the growth of some weeds and, at the least, increase the interval between your weeding sessions. If your garden is large enough that you need to walk through it to harvest your crops, wood chips can be used to build pathways to prevent your feet from sinking into the mud. Additionally, the addition of wood chips will boost the nitrogen level of the soil, which is helpful for plant growth.

Use Them As Kindling

If you enjoy lighting an outdoor fire pit in your backyard during the evening, you'll often find yourself splitting soft wood to use as kindling. With a pile of wood chips in your yard, you have a ready-made selecting of kindling material for your fires. A combination of crumpled-up newspaper and wood chips -- provided that they've had time to dry or are from dead wood -- will light your blaze quickly.

Sell Them

Many homeowners buy large bags of wood chips at their local garden center or home improvement store, but you can get rid of your chips and make a few dollars for your efforts by selling them. If there are frequent garage sales in your neighborhood, place a sign that indicates that you have wood chips for sale -- come up with a price for a specific volume of chips and wait for people to arrive. You'll often find that avid gardeners will be ringing your doorbell before long.

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