3 Tips For Safely Storing Your Propane Tanks

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Whether you rely on propane to operate your emergency generator or simply to keep your backyard BBQ going, ensuring that your propane tanks are stored properly is an extremely important part of using this gas safely. Thankfully, the tips below can help you to easily accomplish this task so that you can enjoy a positive and safe experience when storing and using propane.

Tip #1: Get Your Propane Tanks Off The Ground

Allowing your propane tanks to sit on the grass or on the concrete floor in your garage can result in rusting, since these surfaces will often transfer moisture to the outside of your propane cylinder. If this happens, the gas inside your tank may leak out and be a potential fire hazard. In order to prevent this from happening, always store your propane tanks off the ground in a dry, well ventilated area. In order to promote air circulation around the tank, consider elevating the tank off the ground using a stable surface, such as a concrete block or wood pallet.

Tip #2: Always Position Your Propane Tanks Upright

All propane tanks come equipped with an emergency pressure relief valve. In the event that the pressure inside the tank becomes too high, this valve will open temporarily in order to relieve the pressure. This safety feature can play an important role in preventing an explosion or fire if your propane tanks are exposed to extreme heat or other conditions that cause the pressure inside the tank to rise. The problem is, if your tank is being stored on its side, this pressure relief valve will not be able to operate properly since the vapor space inside your tank will no longer be positioned at the top of the tank. In order to prevent this problem, always store your propane tanks in an upright position.

Tip #3: Be Aware Of Potential Fire Hazards

While the need to release propane gas in order to stabilize pressure is quite rare, it is possible that the emergency relief valve on your tanks will be activated at some point during the cylinder's storage. If this happens, it is incredibly important to ensure the gas will not be released in the direction of any items that may pose a fire hazard before the gas is able to dissipate into the air supply. In order to minimize the risk of fire or explosion in the event gas is released from your propane tank, you should always eliminate any ignition sources from the storage area and ensure that the emergency release valve on your propane tank is positioned away from the other objects that are being stored in this location.